The Pistil Whips & Cold Tone Harvest

June 9, 2017 @ 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm

The Pistil Whips & Cold Tone Harvest
Friday, June 9th

Cold Tone Harvest 8-9:15pm

Hailing from southeast MI, and bonded together by common interest of a musically honest sound, Cold Tone Harvest formed in 2008.  Together, the band has come together to deliver songs that pull on the listener’s emotion with a signature raw feel.  Their music has an interesting way of making you ponder where you’ve been and where you’re headed.
Andrew Sigworth – Acoustic Guitar / Vocals
Daniel Ozzie Andrews – Acoustic Bass / Bass Guitar / Bass Banjo
Brian Williams – Drums / Banjo
Tony Pace – Dobro / Lap Steel / Electric Guitar

The Pistil Whips

The Pistil Whips are a new duo based out of Boyne City, MI. They combine the styles of funk, blues, and jazz to make a sound all their own. Eric Dane Jaqua plays the revolutionary Farmer Foot Drums (a drum set operated with the feet only), guitar and vocals simultaneously. With William “Love” LaTournuea on sax, clarinet, keys and beatbox flute.

Will and Eric met at Bliss Fest, a roots music festival that takes place near Cross Village MI, in the summer of 2013. Will was there to perform with Boyne City’s The Galactic Sherpas. Eric was also at the festival to perform with northern MI premier blues duo Hipps-N-Ricco. After meeting and jamming, it was obvious the two had something that had to be shared with the world. Funk…

Since then, they have continued to develop their unique sound. Adding various instruments to the mix with multi-tasking in mind. When you close your eyes at a Pistil Whips show, it sounds like a four piece grit-funk band is on the stage. The crowds are, more times then not, blown away with how much sound is being put out by two men. But not just the amount of sound, the quality of the music as well.