Craft Beer Traverse City

So you want some good craft beer and you’re looking for a place in Traverse City that is ready to give you just that? We’ve got you covered. We have a fine selection of craft beers that range from light to dark. Whatever you fancy, we have a beer for you.

What makes a craft beer? Craft beers are usually brewed by smaller brewers, which is great because they can give that beer extra special attention in smaller batches. Each brewer typically has their own philosophy and methods that are unique to others brewers. Just like chefs, no two chefs prepare the same meal alike. So too is the craft beer in Traverse City created.

Usually, a craft brewery makes less than 2 million barrels. That’s a fancy statistic that means the beer that is brewed is more about enjoying the process and end result than pumping out units for sale.

Some of our beers include older rye style, brown and chocolate malt, German pilsner, and more with a variety of hops and flavors like coffee, herbs, cane sugar, and more.

Our head brewer that makes this excellent craft beer locally in Traverse City is David Cannizzaro, and he has over twenty years of experience of home brewing. His extensive knowledge of styles, from Pacific Northwest IPA to classic European styles are what makes the Microbrewery Filling Station a notable gem among the microbreweries in the region.

Come experience a unique interpretation of craft beer. Our staff will answer your questions and help you select the finest choice of craft beer. We’re excited to see you here!


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